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Everwing Game Beginners Guide

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For beginners who have just started playing the game here is a simple everwing beginners guide for you this addictive dreamy game. If you are interested in fictional and fantasy world, play and get lost in Everwing game. For the beginners, it is suggested to unlock Guardian Lily as early as they can because of her ability to double the collection of your coins and gems.

You use a fairy to fight off waves of demons/monsters. This player can be played on the messenger app or on the Facebook messenger found in the browser. It is a simple game. There are two modes- single player mode and multiple player modes.

It is a vertical scrolling shooter game, the shooter is a fairy. The guardian is you. You are fighting with the sidekick demons to reclaim your kingdom. The different quests have a time clock.

These are the characters in the game

Guardians: There are various guardians but as a beginner the first fairy you get is Alice. Alice is known as the guardian of courage. Different guardians have different capabilities. In order to unlock the other guardians, you need to spend coins.

Sidekicks: The sidekicks are dragons that can be used in any game mode you have set. Buy them as eggs to obtain them. Spend coins or trophies to buy them. There are three types of dragons; Common dragons, medium dragons, and legendary dragons. The common dragons have big damage level from attacks. The rare dragons have higher capabilities the common dragons but little less attack damage. The legendary dragons have special abilities and medium to high attack damage.

How to unlock the Guardians?

To unlock the Guardians, you can use currency or win them as prizes after winning a challenge. Loot as much as treasure as you can, upgrade fairies, and buy dragons in order to survive. The game is a war of fireballs and dragons. Also check out everwing hack chrome guide which can help you playing game more effectively.

Who is the best fairy?

The best fairy Lily can double your coins and gems collection. She can be used to farm coins and gems.

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Some additional information-

Move your thumb or whichever finger you use to control your fairies and sidekicks. You can move them vertically so save your fairy by moving sideways.

Create a group chats with your Facebook friends, the ones who are playing Everwing. By clicking on games click on Everwing’s landing page.

In group, chat hit the plus sign that is in the lower left part.

Buy fairies and keep upgrading them.

The downside to this game is this is boring. There is not much to do except for shooting. You have to be connected to wifi to play the game.

The magnet is your best buddy. The magnet dropped by the monsters has the ability to pull all the coins, gems, items and power-ups, rush for the rush flowers. Sophia is the queen for quests, made for it. Questing is the most lucrative way to earn currency.


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