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Episode Choose Your Story Guide for the Beginner

episode choose your story guide for beginners

This game is based entirely on the narrative where players will create their own stories.  An interactive episode compatible with iOS and Android platforms is released.

Now, you can download from the play store if you haven’t heard about this fantastic game.

Download the game and have fun in your spare time. Writing your own stories will help you increase your rank by the highest.

Some useful tips before starting

It depends on what type of story you choose for fantasy or drama, always try to select the perfect choice; otherwise, you may have many problems.

It has several stories, such as thrilling crime, love and action, and many more. When choosing any story, it gives you a lot of stories that you can easily unlock.

Both options are straightforward to use, either you have to decide to wear a wedding dress or pick a romantic date for the men.

A single mistake could change your entire story before you make any decision. If you want to unlock this series, you need to earn a lot of coins and gems.

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In-game currency

We provide you with resources in the form of currency and gems, as well as several stories and other individual items.

Getting currency and gems to help you survive in the game, always try to give the best short and get higher success rates without having to face any obstacles.


It’s the most valuable currency in this game that could help you buy clothes and makeup kits \ in the game. The most challenging thing in the game to win gems that you have to work very hard.

If you log on to the developers daily, try cheats for episode passes and gems bonus. Many game devotees, however, buy hard cash diamonds or if you don’t want to spend plastic currency then choose many tips and tricks.

Must have passes

It gives you first few storylines unlocked when you download the game, and you can easily read without any expenditure.

Having passes would allow you to open some advance stories, without openning a new account.

Endorse your story

Episode selects your account to provide you with a popular feature that can help you publish your imagination around the world. Therefore, this fantastic feature is for you if you want to become an author.

It will touch a large number of players after publishing your story, so always try to make a story without any errors or effects.

They will give you points as incentives with the aid of login after two hours. Developers have organized several competitions, and the higher-ranking player can gain unlimited points.

Something Important

On the other hand, you will be able to know the famous storylines after you like the developer’s page on Facebook.

You should read reviews and game experience on the official website. Competition is going rough, so try to create a plot without any logical question.

Keep in mind, your story is going to be read by millions of users, and you have to write a 100 per cent original post.